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New gameplay videos up and Meriwether completes its Kickstarter campaign

Hey hey hey, Head on over to Reel>Video>Video Games if you want to see some gameplay footage of a couple small games I did audio for and just got around to capturing. There are a couple more I still need to do but more work calls so I’ll have to come back another time!

Before I go, a big congrats to the Meriwether team is in order for a successfully funded kickstarter campaign! We are now hard at work on finishing the game and I’ll be sure to link any interesting info here when it becomes available.


Me and my team are still hard at work on Snake Esc but another title Im working on has hit good old Kickstarter. I’m personally really into it’s choice mechanics. I relate it to a more complex good/bad morale system. Instead of choosing light and dark you delve into personality traits of your character. Check it out if you like exploration and discovery in your RPG’s/games. Donate $35 or more and you’ll recieve the soundtrack I create for Meriwether.

achievement unlocked: IGDA board member!

So as of this last weekend I am now officially on the board of the IGDA Dallas chapter! Woo! This means I get to have a real impact on the Dallas game dev scene and Im excited to try and bring what I can to the table. A big goal of mine is to create a creative coomons space for game developers similar to these:

What the Yetizen is doing in San Fran…

and what they’re trying to start in LA…

I’ve been busy!

Poor website you get so neglected when I get busy, I am sorry. So after a couple months of working hot and heavy for various clients (sexy) I have begun to shift focus to developing my own title, Snake Esc! Ive gathered a talented team and am handling game design as well as music for this bad boy. Keep an eye out here for updates.

Once production wraps on Snake Esc I’ll give some love back here and update the site with new music and gameplay videos from some of the titles I’ve been working on. See you soon!

sorry for non-current work samples!

So on my front page you’ll notice a lot of lovely projects that Ive recently finished or am currently working on. However, if you delve into the music and video pages you’ll find it hasnt been updated in some time. Im really sorry about that! I’ve been fortunate enough to be too busy with work to have time for website content updates. Im hoping I can do an update soon. If I continue to stay this busy I may be looking for an assistant to handle all of the things that get left behind when Im busy. Feel free to contact me if you would like to hear some more current stuff before I get around to updating :)

Super Nut Jump

Time to buy some Costco sized cases of 5 hour energy, I’ll be working on audio for another game this month! It’s cool, sleep totally not as fun as game development. Super Nut Jump is a new title coming from the super cool dudes at Pure Bang. I had the pleasure of meeting Yuzun and Ben at GDC this year and am looking forward to making some kick as squirrel tunes!

More info on the game:

Sector 13

Well I’ve been given the go ahead to announce a new title Im working on! A brief word about the title from the horses mouth so to speak:

“Sector 13 is a multiplayer space combat game designed for modern and next-generation platforms. It’s an homage to the brilliant space combat games of the past decade(s) including the X-Wing series, Wing Commander, Freespace 2, and others, built by fans for our fellow fans.”

I was a huge wing commander fan back in the day and am excited to help create a game I can add to the rotation at the LAN parties I throw. I’ll be working on the sound design along with fellow Dallas local Evan Arnett. Keep up with any news here:


Website complete and new projects aquired

Well I think the orange cones can be removed and we can call this new site design complete. Thanks again to Cam Gaut who always does such great work. I’m getting a little buried in work these day but I’m really loving it. Just for the sake of the dramatic I will let you guys know the projects I am currently working on list form.

  • AT3
  • L.E.A.D
  • Sira
  • Sector 13
  • unannounced project 1
  • unnannounced Tiny Mantis Project 1
  • unnannounced Tiny Mantis Project 2
  • Mimic Me

Im not including and of the FUNimation stuff Im working on as I never know when things get announced. So keeping busy and happily looking for more :)

Website update underway

So if you have dropped by my website this month you may have noticed it’s seeing some changes. The front page has gotten a facelift and Im switching from flash based imbedded media players to Vimeo and Soundcloud embeds. This way updating my site will be easier allowing me to update it more often (I hope). This change also allows the content visible on mobile devices. The changes are still in progress so pardon the mess while me and my web guy work.

B&B – Ep7: Hey you still employed bro?

Hey guys another week down of that bleeps and bloops. This week we discuss industry layoffs, the top ten hardest parts about working in game sound, the release of star wars kinect, and our megamillions failures.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.