Indie Game Showcase Recap

Hey Everyone

So the Indie Game Showcase was a success! We had close to 200 people in attendance and over 1o showcasers. The music was bumpin and the drinks was flowin

Here’s an article that a local newspaper wrote about the event:



Bleeps ‘n’ Bloops

It’s podcastin time

So I’ve been working on a little project that lets me share my passion for sound design and composing as well as my love of videogames. It’s a podcast called Bleeps ‘n’ Bloops! On the podcast I talk to my friends Alyssa Galindo and Dave Shumway about game releases, news in the gaming community as well as our thoughts and ideas about the sound industry.


Check it out here!

Something is Cooking in the Kitchen..

Hey guys!

Me and my buds Alyssa Galindo and Brian Pippin been shooting some footage for a new channel on Youtube demonstrating how to make some sound effects on your own with stuff around your house. It should be fun!


Stay tuned




And if this doesn’t work, I might have a career in modelin’

Fighting Game Voice Pack Now Available!

One more pack on the Unity Asset Store! The Fighting Game Voice Pack features dialogue lines and lots of reactions/exertions! Basically all the good stuff you would expect from a 

Here is the link to check it out:!/content/18258


Until next time!


Fantasy Music Pack Available!

My Unity Store family is growing!

Here is another pack but this time it’s tracks recorded by yours truly to put in your fantasy game! This pack features over 15 minutes of music for whether your characters are lurking in a dark forest, discovering a mysterious fountain or having some mead in the local village!

Link right herr:!/content/18523



Indie Game Showcase









Hello Everyone!

WelchCompositions, along with the IGDA, will be hosting an Indie Game Showcase on June 14th. The event will feature indie games from artists all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, dranks as well as a dj for your listening pleasure.

Here is a link if you would like to RSVP:


If you would like to be a showcaser and have some questions, please email my assistant at

The Hero Trap FUNDED!

YESSSS!! We got  fund$$ for the game The Hero Trap! Super excited to make some cool sounds and be a part of an awesome team.


link link link:
















this really cute caricature of me

Sound Packs Now Available!

I come bearing gifts!

A side project I’ve been working on are a bunch of sound packs I will be selling on the Unity Asset Store. So far the ones that are out include a sound pack for RTS and MOBA and a Digger’s Delight sound pack featuring a variety of clinkin’ and clankin’.


Here is the link if you wanna check it out!

RTS and MOBA:!/content/14991

Digger’s Delight:!/content/10489

The next sound pack will be a fighting sound pack featuring announcer lines, character reacts and exertions. (Disclosure: No humans were harmed in the making of this sound pack).

Till next time

Meriwether update

Well hi there, I have some goodies to point your way.

since my last post here I’ve had the pleasure of recording a decent sized ensemble of live players for the Meriwether score. It was a complete pleasure. Find out more through the link below:

If you werent aware both Smash Hockey and Propaganda Lander are now available and contain tasty music and sfx by yours truly. You should go pick em up!

Until next time!

GDC 2013

In T-minus 10 hours I will be sitting on a plane headed to GDC. really pumped and hoping if you’re reading this you are meeting me there or a new friend I’ve made since landing!

If you are a new set of eyeballs, you should go check out my stuff! You can hear some selected tracks of mine I like on the front page and more variety under the “Reel” page. You can keep up with me at these places:

Audio “fan” FB page:

Personal FB page: